Duipangre Nepal

Safe Guidelines

1. Be aware of Genuine Product

Always be aware about the product your are willing to purchase. Make sure the product, Parts and Accessories you are going to purchase are listed by verified Stores or Shops from Duipangre.com. If you feel any doubt if the products are from  thefts, duplications, wrong or has misguiding information, immediately report or send message from abuse report to the company.

2. False Advertisement

The false Advertisement or Ads are the big issues in a public classified sites. Though, we are highly alert on such posts and ads, we recommend you to list only the necessary informations of Products, Parts and Accessories rather any other personal information.

3. Safe and Clean Transactions

We highly, recommend to use safe transactions through official banks and financial institutions to ensure your money regulates under the banking supervisions. Always Make sure, No cash should flow Hand to Hand at any cost.

4. Good Knowledge of the product

Always have patience to ensure the products you are buying and selling is Genuine and Right. Research a  little about the product you are buying or making a transaction through.

5. Ensure of valid Documents

Buyer should always verify the documents of two wheelers in any transaction whether in buying or in selling process. The up to date Renewal of Bill Books, valid insurance documents, or the process includes any involvement of Banks or Co-operative society in relevance of finance.

6. Proper Processing in Government of Nepal, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Department of Transport  Management

The legal procedure to obtain the verification of any two wheelers involved in buying and selling is the Government of Nepal, Department of Transportation Management office located in all provinces. As soon, you buy or sell any two wheelers, never hesitate to pass the bill books and insurance to the name of buyer or seller. This will protect you from the damage of your dignity, prosperity and money in coming Future.

7.Buying and Selling

Always buy, sell, Exchange and To-Let the two wheelers, related parts, accessories from the verified clients of Duipangre.com. Like, a verified Recondition Houses, Service Centres, Parts and Accessories Shops Etc. This will help you to prevent the damages, loss, duplication of products and arise a trust and credibility within you and duipangre.com’s related clients.

8. Exposing Personal details

Never expose your personal details especially your Contact numbers while posting an Ad. Always use provided chat service.

The chat service inside the my account page is the safe way to chat and gain information about the product you are looking for. After if, the deal is locked from chat and you are satisfied with the chat messages than only reveal your mobile number and meet at any duipangre.com clients area to ensure the transaction is safe.

9. Conclusion

Concluding, the Duipangre.com is never in touch with any of the customers neither participates in buying and selling or handling any money related business from any of the users or duipangre.com’s client. Duipangre.com is a public market place for two wheelers in Nepal and welcomes all the users to participate in our program.

We only take a marketplace charge from A and B Categories Recondition Houses, Service centres, Parts and Accessories Shops and Showrooms to provide a great marketplace where buyer and seller meets to fulfill their desires on Two wheelers.

Duipangre.com is always ready to sort your matter that’s why feel free to reach us: