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Blue Book Renewal Tax Rate of Nepal 80/81

Bill Book or priorly called Blue Book is a small book of document provided by the Transport Management Office Division of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry, Government of Nepal to the vehicle owner that contains the information about the owner and the major description of that vehicle like: VIN and Chassis Number, Engine Number and CC, Seating Capacity, Colours and especially the Renewal of vehicle details up to date.

Blue Book Renewal Tax Rate of Nepal 80/81

The mandatory documents while renewing Blue Books are; A third party Insurance copy, An ID like; Citizenship, Voter ID, Pan Card, License or Passports are essential.

The Renewal Tax Rate of Blue Book of any vehicle depends upon the Provinces. Some province have a bit of more and some a bit of less.

Find the Two-wheeler Renewal Tax rate, Tax rate of Electric Two-wheelers, Third Party Insurance Rate and Fine Rate in Percentage below:

Renewal Tax Rate

S.N:Engine (CC)Price in (NRs.)
1.Up to 1253000
2.126 to 1505000
3.151 to 2256500
4.226 to 40012000
5.401 to 65025000
6.651 to Above35000

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Electric Two-wheeler Tax Rate

S.N:Battery Power (Watt)Price in (NRs.)
1.Up to 501000
2.51 to 3501500
3.351 to 10002000
4.1001 to 15002500
5.1501 to Above3000

Third Party Insurance Policy Rate

S.N:Engine (CC)Price in (NRs.)
1.Up to 1501715
2.151 to 2501941
3.251 to Above2167

Blue Book Renewal Fail Rate

S.N:After 90 Days ExpiryFine in (%)
1.First 30 Days5
2.Up to 45 Days10
3.Up to the same FY20
4.Up to 5 Years (Per year)32

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Visit the Official Site of Transport Management office, Government of Nepal for further Details.

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