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Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250
Cross Fire HJ 250

Cross Fire HJ 250

When it comes to durability and reliability, HJ250 is right up the game. Known as TheTrailBlazer, this beast is most efficient for the long term. With it’s commanding road presence, sturdy features and a stunning look, HJ 250 rules both the performance and aesthetic segment.

1) Engine and Exhaust

  • Engine

A 249.6 cc compact engine structure to ensure unmatchable rapacious power along with the durability and strength of the engine components.

  • Gearbox

With a 6-speed gearbox for that ruthless power No Grime gear shift lever is made to stop mud and dirt from getting in the joint. Because even dirt lovers hate mud when it’s in the wrong places.

  • Carburator

UCAL’S exclusively refined carburetor fueling system gives impeccable fuel delivery. This bike is equipped with a quick throttle response system for spontaneous response and aggressive power.

  • Exhaust

The full aluminum SZC exhaust of the HJ 250 muffler is engineered in a way to maximize power as well as reduce the overall weight of the motorcycle.

  • Airbox

The Crossfire HJ 250’s easy-access airbox equipped with renowned Twin Air air filter which provides that ideal flow dynamics. Maintenance is made easy with durable Twin Air filters that are durable as well as  washable.

2) Chassis

  • Sub Frame

The aluminum subframe provides a durable build ensuring the strength of the motorcycle to tackle every bump and jump. It also helps in maintaining a lightweight body. The HJ is packed with the power of 30 horses, yet it weighs less than half of one.

  • Swing Arm

The HJ 250 has a distinctive aluminum swingarm that achieves exceptional strength at the lightest weight possible and the perfect flex behavior.

  • Triple Clamp

To withstand uncertainty of the off roads, HJ 250 is equipped with reinforced CNC triple clamp. This ensures the robustness of chassis while going full throttle on a single track.

  • Fuel Tank

Each Crossfire motorcycle, including the HJ250, has a lightweight Polyethylene tank with a safe filler cap for quick and simple operation.. The tank is also manufactured using see-through polycarbonate which makes it easier for riders to gauge fuel level at a glance and on the go.

3) Ergonomics & Comfort

  • Handle Bar

Crossfire HJ 250 models are equipped with high-strength aluminum Tapered 6061 handlebars and comfortable grips that provide exponential maneuverability at the toughest turns; Your only concern is holding on while letting rip.

  • Foot Pegs

Riding requires you to keep your grip, so the Crossfire HJ 250 features self-cleaning foot pegs that keep mud from building up even while you’re dragging them through deep ruts.

  • Seat

Go ahead and sit down. The Crossfire HJ 250’s grippy seat is perfectly designed to give riders unrestricted movement while being comfortable for long durations in the saddle.

  • Front Forks

SZC cartridge type front forks have a travel of 300 mm to allow the front wheel to react to the frailty of every kind of road and terrains and provides and substantial damping performance during every ride.

  • Rare Shocks

The rear shocks by SZC has a shock absorber equipped with CNC Linkage and have a travel of 120mm with rebound and compression adjustability coherently designed to provide superior damping performance.

  • Wheels & Tyres

The Crossfire HJ 250 comes in three variations Dirt, Motard, and the Semi-Dirt. Every variation has it’s own purpose to fulfill which is why each comes with its own set of rims and Tires. It fulfills your need for your adventure and full offroad ride on dirt tires, and lastly, it gives you superior control and maneuverability on asphalt.

  • Brakes

The reliable front dual piston caliper and the rear single piston caliper SZC braking system are capable of stopping the bike  where you want. The steel braided brake wires of the HJ 250 are built for a long period use and provide a dependable stopping force even at high speeds because every inch is important whether on road or offroad.

Technical Details


  • ENGINE TYPE – Single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4 valves, water-cooling,
    SOHC, built-in balance shaft.
  • DISPLACEMENT – 249.6 cc
  • BORE X STROKE – 77 x 53.6
  • MAX RPM – 9000
  • MAX POWER – 19KW / 9000
  • MAX TORQUE – 22.5 NM / 7000 rpm
  • BHP – 30
  • FUEL SYSTEM – Carburetor


  • CLUTCH – Manual Wet Multi-Plate Clutch
  • LUBRICATION – Pressure Splash
  • GEARBOX – Constant Mesh, 2-stage transmission, 6-speed
  • CHAINAFAM – 520, O-Ring Chain


  • LxHxW in MM – 2170 x 830 x 1285
  • SEAT HEIGHT – 950mm
  • WHEEL BASE – 1465 mm
  • MILEAGE – 25 kmpl
  • DRY WEIGHT – 108 kgs
  • COLOR – Orange and Black

Chassis and Brakes

  • FRAME – Chromium Molybdenum Steel
  • SUB FRAME – Aluminium
  • HANDLE BAR – 6061 Aluminium Handlebars
  • MUFFLER – Aluminium Exhaust
  • FRONT SUSPENSION – SZC  Telescopic 300mm Suspension (Adjustable)t
  • REAR SUSPENSION – SZC CNC   Linkage 120mm Suspension (Adjustable)


1) Dirt

  • RIMS FRONT – 1.60*21
  • RIMS REAR – 2.15*18
  • TIRES FRONT – 3.00-21
  • TIRES REAR – 5.10-18
  • BRAKE FRONT – 270mm DISC
  • BRAKE REAR – 240mm DISC

2) Motorad

  • RIMS FRONT – 2.5*17
  • RIMS REAR – 3.5*17
  • TIRES FRONT – 110/70-17
  • TIRES REAR – 140/60-17
  • BRAKE FRONT – 270mm DISC
  • BRAKE REAR – 240mm DISC

Frame and Suspension

  • FRAME – Aluminum
  • SUB FRAME – Aluminum
  • FRONT SUSPENSION – 54/60, 950L, 47 Fork, (Dual Adjustable)
  • REAR SUSPENSION – 495L, (Dual Adjustable)


  • STARTER – Electric/Kick
  • STARTER / BATTERY – 12v/6.5Ah battery



  • Category: Crossfire
  • Make Year: 2023
  • Engine CC: 250 CC
  • New/Used: New
  • Kilometer: 00

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