Duipangre Nepal
RTR 160 4V RD
RTR 160 4V RD
RTR 160 4V RD
RTR 160 4V RD
RTR 160 4V RD
RTR 160 4V RD
RTR 160 4V RD
RTR 160 4V RD

RTR 160 4V RD

The design of the RTR 1604V is refined on the racetrack. The form of the machine has a singular function, to be the quickest around the track. The bike has been sculpted to be dynamic through the corners while the sharp edges make it impose on the circuit. The chequered flag decals pay homage to our winning streak on the track.


  • Design and Safety

The bike now comes with a special Wave Bite Key that is specially programmed to prevent theft. The motorcycle and the key are programmed such that a duplicate key cannot be used to start the ignition, ensuring that your race machine responds only to you.

  • Design and Style

Digital Racing Console

The high-tech race computer records top speed, the 0-60 time and provides a gear shift indicator to the racer.

Imposing Headlamp

Aggression meets functionality with the High-intensity LED Position Lamps with a unique fang design.



  • Category: TVS
  • Kilometer: 00
  • Make Year: 2024
  • Engine CC: 160 CC
  • Lot Number: 00
  • New/Used: New

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