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TVS stands for Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram; an industrialist and automobile pionner born on 1887 March 22 in India. In 1922, he founded a T V Sundram Iyenger a bus company which later diversified into automobile production and emerged as the parent company of the TVS Group, the one of the India’s biggest business conglomerates.

TVS Motors was later established by T.S Srinivasan his son. TVS Motors is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturer and third largest motorcycle company in India in terms of revenue. TVS Motor is the second largest two-wheeler exporter in India after Bajaj that reach over 60 countries worldwide and produces wide range of Motorcycles, Scooters, Mopeds and Auto Rickshaws.

TVS Nepal

In Nepal, Jagadamba Motors is the sole and authorised distributor of TVS Motors since September 2015 operated by Shanker Group founded in 1979, by Shanker Lal Agrawal. TVS Brand in Nepal is widely popular with a flagship motorcycle of RTR Series. TVS holds the 5th largest market share in Nepal and has over a 115 dealerships, 4 exclusive showrooms in Kathmandu and 35 service point spread all over Nepal.

Here we will know the updated and latest Price as per March 2024 of all Motorbikes and Scooters of TVS Brand available in Nepal.

TVS Motorbikes and Scooters

SN.Name and ModelPrice (NRs.)
1.RTR 160 2V FD2,99,900/-
2.RTR 160 4V RD2,90,900/-
3.RTR 160 4V Refresh FD3,20,900/-
4.RTR 160 4V Refresh RD3,23900/-
5.RTR 160 4V Refresh with ABS3,59,900/-
6.RTR 160 4V RTFI BS63,96,900/-
7.RTR 160 4V Special Edition3,74900/-
8.RTR 200 4V ABS3,91,900/-
9.RTR 200 4V RTFI BS64,24,900/-
10.RR 3107,99,900/-
11.TVS Raider2,66,900/-
12.TVS Radeon2,03,900/-
13.TVS Ronin4,49,900/-
14.TVS Stryker2,33,900/-
15.XI 1001,51,900/-
16.Ntorq Disc2,71,900/-
17.Ntorq Race Edition2,79,900/-
18.Ntorq XP3,20,900/-
19.Ntorq Drum2,35,900/-
20.Ntorq RTFI BS63,05,900/-
21.Ntorq Super Squad Edition2,84,900/-
22.TVS Wego FI2,26,900/-
23.Jupiter Classic2,11,900/-
24.TVS iQube (Electric)4,29,900/-
Source:- TVS Nepal
TVS Nepal

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